Éirmoji - On the Lash

Catering for all your iMessage needs from Friday to Monday. And sometimes Thursday too...

5:30 on a Friday...

Robbie is out the door.

G'luck & thanks.

He sends a sticker...


Sarah glances at her phone.

Say no more,

She's en route.



Shane's already in the pub

impatiently waiting for 

the rest to hurry the f**k up.


What the Ryan's think...

The vomiting sticker is fair handy. Naturally when vomiting I've enough to be dealing with without trying to answer my friends questions about last night. 

Thank you Éirmoji, for being so understanding xox

Mary Ryan

Joe Ryan's Daughter

I was solid gagging for a pint there last Wednesday. I sent the lads the "Few Scoops?" Sticker. I honestly don't think they would have been up for it if it wasn't for the help of that sticker.

Thanks Éirmoji!

Joe Ryan

Married to Nora Ryan

I get the Guinness Sticker warning off my boyfriend on a weekly basis. Saving many potential fights. Thank you Éirmoji. No seriously. Thank you. 

Nora Ryan

One of the Ryan's

Finally, something to try and explain Irish humour to the Aussies. Cheers lads.

Tommy Ryan

One of the other Ryans.

Where to find it once you download...

We know there has has been a bit of a ruckus over people downloading sticker packs and then not being able to find them. But we don’t get it. Grab the app, watch this 30 second video, and there you go. Bob’s your uncle and Mary’s your auntie. We expect 1 million hits on youtube for this 30 second gem...

Coming Soon...

(ya we know - that's what he/she said) We've already made the stickers.

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